About the Tamara Foundation

Where we began. . .

The Tamara Foundation was established in 1994 by a Canadian family located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a private family foundation named in memory of a daughter they lost in 1986. 

Tamara means palm tree and dates back to ancient times. The palm tree was noted for its beauty and fruitfulness. It is a fitting image of the provision of shelter for devalued and disadvantaged women and their children. The female name Tamara means a humanitarian who is signified by her compassion and generousity. We are proud to be able to live up to this name in its many meanings, as we work to provide the financial resources needed to help programs and initiatives thrive.

 The operational businesses of the family are committed to donating a substantial percentage of profits to fund the Tamara Foundation on a yearly basis. To date, the Tamara Foundation has granted over 5.3 million dollars.

Tamara Foundation Today

The family is passionately focused on developing opportunities for women and children. We believe that funding women, in particular, can bring about change not only in their families’ lives but also in the communities they live in. Our societies will all be better off when this happens.

The Tamara Foundation is currently providing financial assistance for a number of initiatives throughout the Lower Mainland of BC, across Canada, and also funds a few international projects. We are always looking to align ourselves with incredible charities and programs.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Vision

We dream of the day when women and children in British Columbia and beyond know the dignity that comes through education, relationships, and opportunities.

Our Mission

We offer grants for projects and advocate for organizations in British Columbia and beyond that remove barriers and empower women and children who deserve healthy and full lives.

Our Values

We are motivated by the example set by Jesus. We exist to empower others and we look for restorative solutions. We believe that education is a pathway to dignity and we are hopeful for the future.